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Uric Acid Diet

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Uric Acid Diet        Gout Diet Plan What is the Uric Acid Diet? Gout is caused by high uric acid levels in your bloodstream, that go throughout your body and end up in your organs and joints. When they accumulate in your joints they cause painful uric acid crystals that cause redness, swelling and chronic inflammation. A Low Uric Acid Diet is known as the Gout Diet Plan because when you eat low uric acid foods and avoid high purine foods you lessen your risks of having an acute gout attack and reduce your symptoms of gout.   Following a Gout Food plan can help but it takes time because it only lowers your uric acid levels by no more than 1 mg/dL in most cases. Purines are substances in plant and animal foods that your liver converts to uric acids. It is important to keep your liver and kidneys healthy or it won’t be able to deal with the purines in your diet. If your body can’t flush out the excess uric acid out through your kidneys, it builds up in your bloodstream and will be deposited as uric acid crystals (needle-shaped crystals) in your joints.     Uric Acid Crystals Uric Acid Crystals cause severe inflammation and intense pain. Eating high purine foods can cause excess uric acid in your body and then a gout flare-up or a gout attack. Even if you reduce any on alcohol or beer binges and shellfish, it will lessen the amount …

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